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The Next Generation in Vehicle Security

Available from £449

Technologically advanced, it is one solution to Key Cloning and Key Theft.

Thieves are becoming advanced in their method of how they steel your vehicle. Here at Liverpool Auto Care we are one step ahead.
We are an Autowatch approved installer of the Ghost-II, one of, if not the best aftermarket Immobiliser on the market by miles.
As a TASSA certified installer all our installations are completed by our authorised and fully insured technician.
Its innovation means that the GHOST-II is small enough that it is virtually impossible to detect. There is no visual evidence of installation to give away its location, like a key fob or LED light.


It uses CAN interception to immobilise your vehicle. A unique and changeable sequence is chosen by you, making it a bespoke security solution. The smart phone application allows you to pair the GHOST-II to your phone, allowing 2 devices to connect via Bluetooth. You also have an additional option to add a key tag which will override the sequence rather than using your pin code sequence.

The GHOST-II protects your vehicle. The only way your vehicle could be stolen is by towing it away. We even have a tracking solution that compliments your GHOST, a COMPASS tracker.


IMPORTANT: Android and Apple manufacturers have software updates which might alter how your phone uses Bluetooth, interrupting the Ghost functionality. Often this occurs on the first release of major iOS updates, correcting its self when a minor update follows. This feature should not been seen as a primary disarm option. It is important that you remember your disarm sequence and always have access to your emergency code.

We understand how important safety and security is to you. Your vehicle is much more than just a means of transport, so we want to help keep YOUR vehicle safe. Having this equipment fitted can help drive down your insurance premiums’. Often in the first year, the price of your chosen security system will be offset against the price of your insurance.

Vehicle technology is evolving all the time. This means that potential thieves also become cleverer at how they break into your vehicle, so we have solutions to keep one a step ahead.

There is a host of options when it comes to keeping your vehicle secure including GPS trackers, Immobilisers & Alarms.

All systems are fitted by our Quality Assured Technician.

Get in touch to discuss your options further to suit your budget.